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With a range of digital tools and services, you can trust Pro Office to come up with solutions to address any issue you face when running a business.

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Digitalize Your Documents And Increase Productivity

With ProDoc’s document management system, you can store your documents safely and retrieve it via web or mobile anytime and anywhere.
Scan hard copy and soft copy documents instantly
Documents are scanned via a physical scanner or ProDoc’s mobile app with OCR and uploaded into the system.
Cloud Document Management System
Documents stored in ProDoc are conveniently located in our cloud for safekeeping.

Deliver Unlimited eStatements And Get Instant Responses

Deliver secure e-statements to recipients in a single click with ProSeed.

Unlimited Document Archives

Liberate your customers from overstuffed filing cabinets. Now all of their e-statements are just a few clicks away.

One-Stop Control Centre With Dashboard Reporting

Track your customer’s document trails! Find out whether they have received, open, and read the documents and remind them of ProSeed’s automation process.

Reach Your Customers Pockets Instantly with SMS Marketing

Get up to 98% open rates on your next marketing campaign.
Personalized Messages
Send SMS messages with personalized customer name, company name or other information you have for your contacts.
SMS Campaigns
Set up a flash sale or promote newest items with precisely targeted SMS.

Deliver High Volumes Of Documents and Get Paid Faster

With ezBill, you can now deliver secure documents linked to a payment gateway to thousands of recipients with a single click.
Create a Situation Where Customers Pay INSTANTLY
Facilitate when customers want to make payments by making it easy, fast and seamless.
Track your Document Trails
Know whether your clients have received, open and read the documents and remind them with ezBill’s automation process.

An All-in-One Remote Working Management Platform

Manage your business the usual way in these unusual times.
Manage Your Team No Matter Where You Are
Assign tasks, document evidence of work and notify your team all in one easy-to-use platform.
Workplace Contact-Tracing Made Easy
Maintain your workplace attendance record to quickly identify high-risk team members.

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With trust at the core of our mission, our Pro Office heroes work towards serving our clients with maximum value.

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Our promise is that you can trust us to deliver the best digital solutions you can afford.

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The well-being of your organisation is important to our Pro Office heroes.

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You can rely on our digital solutions to elevate your business or organisation operations.


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