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Who We Are

Pro Office Solutions Sdn Bhd is a software development company with 20 years of industry experience. We are firm believers in data, and its power to quide decisions, spearhead innovation, and create lasting change.

We provide trustworthy digital solutions to you!

We start by digitalizing your documents and turns it into your digital assets and digitalize your Organization’s operations for you to have a future ready ecosystem tailored made just for you.

We operate from Subang Jaya, Seberang Perai and Jakarta.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the number 1 choice for digital solutions in Asia

Our mission is to provide trustworthy digital solutions that improves speed, efficiency and productivity of our clients

We Do IT Right!

Developing your digital solutions to ensure your organization reap the benefit of digitalization.

Our Prodoc document management system equipped with optical character recognition, productivity management and proflow for organization to traverse far to the future of its success.

We scan your documents and turns it into your digital assets for your Organization’s to be agile and ready for transformation anytime.

Our Products And Services

Elis stands for e license system where any Approving Bodies will have a full and complete management system of license and permit approvals together with enforcement modules, auto notifications and e-certificate.

Prodoc is documents management system equipped with mobile application, optical character recognition, productivity management and customizable workflow for supporting digitalization and digitization.

Ezbill is a bulk messaging services system of SMS and email to send customizable or random messages for any purposes vital to your business.

ASPIRE is a Local Council mobile application for the purpose of making transactions and payment easy and connects with any subsystem in Local Council to process payment real time.

Proschool is a school management system that supports school basic management functions and students needs such as presentism management, e-money and e-examination. This product is only applicable in Indonesia.

Any system development that you required, we are here for you. We design according to your requirements and enhance to give it a touch of digitalization to ensure that you get the best of the digitalization world and experience.

We are document expert and we digitize documents and turn them into digital assets. We process and prepare the documents for digitization, scan and index it and keep it secure and intact in our secure document box.

Our Clients