Worried About Condo Security? Here’s Why You Need a Condo Management System

What can we do to improve our security system in condominiums?


Let’s face it, CCTV cameras and security are not enough. No matter how we try to deny it, bad people do exist in this world, be it strangers or even someone you know. It can be your neighbours or their guests, but it can also be a stranger passing by your property in broad daylight.


You never know when disaster strikes! Thus, you should take extra precautions when it comes to improving safety measures.


So how do we know who we can trust?

Picture this: you invite guests to your house and they bring a plus one. After everyone has left, you realise something valuable is missing in your house. You have searched everywhere but it cannot be found. So, how and where do you start now?


A condominium management system is what you need. Why? A good condominium management system is equipped with security tools that allow you to keep track of all your visitors. With this, you can know exactly when people drop by and leave your property, or visitors who are near your property.


Currently, most condominiums are not equipped with a good condominium management application. In fact, most of them still use physical logbooks. This method is a difficult way to trace the identity of visitors in condominiums. The most common problem that arises when using a physical logbook is messy handwriting and the fact that most people are too lazy to write down their information because it takes too much effort.


Some people might say why not just opt for the MySejahtera application? In fact, why go through all the hassle of utilising a condominium management system? While the app has its benefits, MySejahtera only tracks people going in but does not track people going out like a condominium management system can do. Thus, while it can track its users in various hotspots, it is definitely not suitable for tracking visitors in condominiums.


The Solution?

Why not go digital with a condominium management system? A good condominium management system will provide you with security tools that are more organized and all your data will be kept secured in the system. Also, with a condominium management system, you do not have to go through a lot of steps to refer back to data because it can happen with just a few clicks!


Try out a condominium management system today! Got questions? Ask ahead.

Written by: Lailatul Sajidah