Reach Your Customer’s Pockets Instantly

Deliver to thousands via SMS or email in a single click with ezBill

With Up to 98% Open Rates Guaranteed

Amplify Your Sales with an SMS campaign

Promote time-sensitive offers and special events by scheduling your messages to your contact list in bulk

Stay Connected to Your Best Customers

Send up to 1,000  messages in a single click to your audience without having to worry if their mobile devices have an internet connection

Analyse Data Through Heatmaps

Analyse open rates and payment processes to figure out your next move. Your days of demanding payments over the phone are over!

Track Your Document Trails

Induce prompt payments from your customers by tracking whether your customers have received and read your messages

But Wait… Do People Even Read Their Texts?!

This is why SMS is the perfect companion to email campaigns

While the best email newsletters can sit unopened in many inboxes for what seems like forever, SMSs arrive directly into your contact’s pockets. Thanks to our phone’s push notifications, you can be almost absolutely certain that your texts will be opened and read in the next minute.

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the numbers:


10 %
5 %

Stay Connected With Thousands in
4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Map & Organise Your Data

Upload your raw data file and ezBill will map and organize your data into its desired format

Step 3: Deliver

Send your documents to thousands of recipients via SMS or email with a single click

Step 2: Perform Quality Checks

After converting the raw data into your desired format, perform quality control before sending out your messages

Step 4: Track & Follow Up

Track whether your customers have received, opened, or paid. Make your next move by following up on customers.

Make It Easy To Keep In Touch With Your Customers
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