Three points to create a more skilled post-pandemic workforce


Why is it important?

It has been almost two years since the covid-19 pandemic hit and we are still struggling to adapt to its repercussions. Business operations have gone haywire and the economy is not doing well either. Most people are in the guessing game of what would happen in the next two, three and five years. Will life go back to normal? Would it change temporarily or indefinitely? Are we able to coexist with this virus?

Whatever the circumstances and outcome may be, there will always be business activities and with it, the existence of employees. As entrepreneurs and employers, we have to keep our edge in the business as well as manage our employees who do the work for us. Truthfully, some of us may have forgotten what it’s like to be in the office, along with its ecosystem of traits like culture, experience and skill-building.

Where do we start?

Where we want to start will arguably determine where we want to end. Employers need to know what the agenda involves. The set of agendas will determine the pace and the bearings of where we want to move. We may start by collecting the tasks that we want our employees to excel in, e.g. sales and operations.

Identifying the area will narrow down our needs for creating an ecosystem of excellence. This is to ensure that we cover just enough to run through these tested times. There is no point in targeting a much larger task role as resources are scarce and spread too thin to execute it.

1) Do we know where to start and where to head to?

We need to know what will be the outcome of the program. The goal has to be translated into a quantifiable manner such as increment in revenue per quarter, a shorter sales cycle and shorter work time completion. Organizations need to keep up with the business and economic challenges with the efficiency and accuracy of their employees’ performance. This is important and any imbalance of the equation will lead to a colossal business performance failure.

2) Employers to have future-ready employees through skill-building

Employees are the thrust that moves the business forward and they need to be ready to accelerate at any given notice, as well as possess sufficient knowledge to have the force to accelerate. Traditionally, it is done through training and experience and the best sources to obtain those are through the company data and employees’ experience.

Having an environment of skill building is an ecosystem by itself. To have such a platform that is rich with business data and experience is crucial to any program. Your business might have been in existence for 10 years, but the knowledge passed down through the chain of command is lacking or might not have happened.

3) Ocean of data and information

Your business is a story to tell to your employees. Valuable experience and documentation are the sources of your organization’s wealth. The problem is the same as an oil exploration exercise, that is knowing which part of the ocean to drill. Once you know where to drill, the rest will follow suit.

Digitizing documents for knowledge sharing is the crucial key in exploring this sea of wealth. Employees will be able to track relevant documents for knowledge references while interacting with superiors on how to solve or deal with a particular problem in a sustainable ecosystem.

Employees are to gain from this exercise if the employers are willing to challenge the old ways or assumptions in doing things. Perhaps in the near future, this method will be used as a career improvement or change in any program where an operations employee may become a successful sales manager through his or her depth in operations knowledge. The outcomes are limitless depending on how an organization is willing to embrace them.

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